Your Home Theater Room in Austin is pre-wired, so get excited about saving some money, plus a bonus – we wont need to do any cutting in your walls likely!

So your Home Theater or Media Room in Austin or Central Texas is pre-wired and ready to go with your home entertainment additions? This is surely an exciting time for you, maybe a little nerve-racking, but don’t worry. We have outlined a plan for how you should handle it all from a Home Theater Design Standpoint in Austin. The best thing is that you have the pre-wiring in place, so you do not have the associated cost to deal with ahead of you. A room that is not pre-wired already can be quite a scary situation for the homeowner for numerous reasons, but mostly fear of the unknown. We often times will cut into drywall and drill through studs in the ceiling to retro fit the existing space with pre-wiring. There is nothing wrong with proper drilling and wire running, but we understand that it can be a little unnerving to see your beautiful home receive some minor cuts and bruises! So now you may have some questions about your dedicated home theater room in Austin, right?


  • Where are the speakers supposed to go in my pre-wired room? I see white plates the size of electrical outlet wall plates in my ceiling or in my walls. The most cost effective solution is for us to design the speaker locations to as close to the face plates as possible. Really, it is best to use the space where the faceplate is located as part of the circular cutout because if you don’t do this, you’ll still have the ugly faceplate in the ceiling and if you want to get rid of that plate, you’ll need to hire a drywall repair company.


  • If I have 4-5 white plates in my wall or ceiling, what does that mean? This typically means that your system is wired for 5 home theater or media room speakers. These speakers could be meant to go in the wall, in the ceiling, or setup as towers on the floorspace where your video unit (TV or Projector Screen) will reside. Typically in a room wired for 5 speakers, you will have 2 white plates located in the back of the room in the ceiling or wall, and three at the front of the room.


  • If I have 6-7 plates in my wall or ceiling, what does that mean? This typically means that your system is wired for 7 home theater speakers. Typically in a room wired for 7 speakers, you will have 4 white plates located in the back of the room in the ceiling, and three at the front of the room.


  • What else can these plates indicate? Some plates are dedicated for volume controls, or lighting control devices as well. These plates are usually near the doorway at normal light switch levels. Ask us about this when we come out for a free site survey.


  • What if my builder told me that the room is pre-wired, but the room is lacking the white plates in the ceiling which indicate where the speaker wires are located? Not a big problem here. What we will have to do is find the location of the speaker wires with a device called a toner. Its pretty cool to watch how this device works! We will perform this service at no cost to you during our free site survey! If we don’t find the wires, then maybe a ghost came and took out all of the wires! Or your builder forgot to wire it, or wired it incorrectly! You’ll want to take it up with your contractor or builder, but this RARELY happens.


  • What if there are studs in the ceiling or wall obstructing where my speakers needs to be installed? We have saw-zaws cutting tools, hole saws, and other custom av construction equipment to whittle down the studs if needed, or we can avoid them altogether. We make this decision on a case by case basis.


  • I can or cannot see where are all these wires lead to, and what additional components and Austin home theater equipment do I need for that space? This is called the “Home-Run” by many in the industry. This where all of your wiring leads to, and where you will likely want to store all of your electronic components. Some of these components include: home theater receiver, amplifier, power conditioner, surge protector, cable box, dvd player, blu ray player, infrared repeater console, component cooling fan system, and more. If you cannot find where all of your pre-wired speaker wires lead to, we will find them with a professional device we use called a toner.


  • If my wires lead to the closet in my dedicated Austin Media Room, will I need a cooling fan installed to make sure that the closet does not over heat? Can you guys install the fan and how much is it going to cost? Again, this will be determined on a case by case basis, but it is recommended in most applications. The actual fan and installation will run about $200 roughly.


  • How do speaker locations effect sound, and what is the best fit for my room? Can I re-route the locations of my speakers if the plates are already in the ceiling? Speaker locations are important. We measure out the locations based on the preferred dimensions standard in the industry. If we cannot fit the standard for whatever reason (obstruction, small room, oddly shaped room, etc.) then we will deviate properly to give you the best sound possible. Speakers that have what are called back boxes always sound better. Speakers with back boxes are like speakers that stand in the front of a home theater room. The best sounding setup would definitely be two floor standing tower speakers and a center channel speaker on a table top or installed hanging on the wall. The rear speakers are likely going to be in the ceiling or in the wall, but we can always facilitate your needs and utilize out of wall speakers. They sound the best to the audiophile’s of this world, but the custom cutting and installation will cost more in a pre-wired room where the pre-wired layout calls for in ceiling or in wall speakers in your Austin home.

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