Central Texas & Austin folks – Low voltage wire retro fitting is the way to incorporate home theater and home media rooms into your existing home!

So you want to turn that game room into a theater room, or that extra bedroom that you don’t use since the kids have grown up into your home media room? Maybe you just want your living area transformed into a very nice home entertainment area with a surround sound system and TV mounted on the wall or fireplace. No problemo for us.

The “problem” in your mind is that you have no idea how we are going to run wires when there is a room above your living room, right? Or, you have some attic access issues above the room where you want the system, etc. Fear not, we have extensive experience in retro fitting homes for the proper wiring for any system! We like to call it future proof home technology. Yes it can involve some drywall repair, and yes you may cringe when you see the drywall with holes in it. Of course, yes it will be fixed up properly and you’ll get what you wanted!

Retrofitting with a second story room above the targeted room dedicated for 5.1 surround sound or theater system:

In a 2 story home if you want surround sound in your family room, but the family room has another room directly above it, we’ll pull out some tricks that will surely amaze you! We’ll make incisions into your drywall to run the wire from the component location up the side wall (or from a closet area) and through the header at your ceiling height, then across the ceiling back to the speaker locations. There will likely be 4-6 incisions to get this done. Sometimes there are more incisions, depending on potential side studs in the ceiling or wall that may or may get in the way. There is no way of knowing if we will encounter side studs during an installation because we cannot see through the sheet rock, but if we do, then we will handle it properly.

It is also fairly common in new town homes in the downtown, Mueller, Lamar/Congress, etc. to have fire blocks, so this is also something to take into consideration if you are in a 2 or 3 story town home. The standard fire block that we run into in these areas is an extremely thick fire treated wooden 2×4 barrier. But the best thing about MOST of these town homes is that they are pre-wired already so we typically do not have to get into a situation where we encounter a fire block. If we do, we’ll make a professional determination at that point.

Don’t worry, drywall repair is going to patch up the holes in the walls, and make your family room look spectacular and elegant yet again. If you have a faux finish or specific texture and paint color that you need to match, make sure you make plans to hire the right experts for this part of the process, because unfortunately we are not professional drywallers/painters.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be able to consult with you when you have us out for a design consultation. We will address any questions that you have at that time, and during your initial phone call into the office. Retro fit wire running for home theatre and home audio video system in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Westlake, Bee Caves, Dripping Springs, Horshoe Bay, Marble Falls, Canyon Lake and further is very common these days because people are not selling they’re homes but remodeling and upgrading what they currently have.

Retrofitting a room with attic access above the targeted room dedicated for 5.1 surround sound or theater system:

This is typically a pretty easy process, but depends on the specifics because every home is different. Some attics have way too many storage boxes in the way. Some attics have two different levels which make mobility difficult. Some attics have AC Units in the wrong places. Some attics have fireplaces that will not cooperate with installation needs. Some attics are disgusting (I will not go into detail). However, MOST attics are a perfect fit or good enough for a retro fit installation where wire running is plausible, and speaker locations have no issues. The room dedicated with a free attic space above will save you a bundle on labor costs, that is for sure.

We can wire your home for new cable drops, cat 5 or 6 for new internet locations, and more while we are coming over to put in the surround sound, so please keep that in mind if you want to future proof your home for technology today or in the future. We cannot guarantee that we can complete a drop all the time, but we will surely try our best while keeping our safety at the forefront. Additionally, we can wire other portions of the house for in ceiling speakers, volume controls, outdoor speakers, a surround sound in the master bedroom, and much more. Just let us know what you want. Our wire running experience in retro fit applications is vast, and we are not afraid to take care of this for you when you are upgrading your home audio and video systems.

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