Yes you have some choices for your Austin Home Theater, but relax! We’ll educate, guide, and help you through the FUN system selection process!

Where do I start with the system that I need to design and install into my space to get the performance results that I want? Great question. So many options, aren’t there? Well, we definitely will make as easy, hassle free, and as seamless as possible for you. If you want to be very involved like many of you techies out there, that is no problem, you are just like us! The most important decisions you will make pertain to the listening and visual experience that you want, the types of controls that are acceptable to you, and your budget for the project.

  • Audio: is your listening experience for movies, sports, music, or a combination of the group? Are you and your spouse happy with elegant looking tower speakers in your room that will take up space, or do you want everything hidden in the walls or ceiling? The truth is, you will get a better sound from a tower speaker because they have a back box. Towers are the best option for the front speakers in our opinion, and this is a well known majority opinion in the custom industry. We actually have access to an amazing in ceiling and one of a kind speaker that has a back box. This is for big sound and big time performance. You must check out this amazing in ceiling speaker (its actually 3 speakers in one) that we offer for our clients, and again, it also has a back box. You cannot acquire this speaker from stores as this is a brand and speaker that is only available to the true custom industry professionals like us. It is an in ceiling speaker that serves as three speakers really (Left, Center, & Right), for the front portion of a theater or media room. Check out the review by Home Theater Magazine! Home_Theater_Feb_2011_review Episode is a custom dealer only brand that is not mass-produced but made for custom dealers and clients that want optimal sound at more reasonable professional prices. You just cannot get your cake and eat it too with those high end/over priced well marketed brands. You will pay a premium for a name! We don’t have anything against speakers that cost $750-$5,000 each, but the average home theater client doesn’t need nor have the budget for B & W, Paradigm, Martin Logan, etc. but of course we have access to these brands and countless others! Rear surround sound speakers are important too, but most of the sound comes from the front set. You will want some high quality in ceiling, in wall, or bookshelf speakers for the rears and we can make recommendations depending on your room layout, budget, and goals for the system.
  • Video: Do you think that your room is big enough to handle a projection screen? If so, you’ll want to get a projection screen if at all possible! Yes, I mean that emphatically! It’s just not truly a Custom Theater Room without a projector and screen. There are many brands and devices to use, but the top notch for video at this point in time is a 3D projector (released in December 2010) and a screen innovations black diamond screen (also a customer dealer only product). If your budget is smaller, you’ll probably want to go with a LCD, Plasma, or 3D HDTV. Budget rules here and everywhere in life, but you can definitely get a great video experience from a Flat Panel TV in your theatre room, but they are not the common choice in dedicated Home Theater or Media Rooms.
  • Budget Range:
  • $2,500-3,500 – you can get the bare bones (not meant to sound terrible) equipment and installation if the room is pre-wired or has very easy attic access above. This system will likely only allow you 75-85Watt speakers (5 total), and in our opinion, its more worth it to wait until you have saved more of your hard earned cash, and really do it right! In the $3,000 range you will have to use a TV instead of projector and screen, low performance speakers, sub woofer, receiver, surge protection, hdmi cables, dvd player, etc. Again, you can get it done, likely, but it will have decent performance. You definitely will not be able to get the true “Theater” experience, but this option works for some folks.


  • $5,500-$7,500 – this is a really good range for mid grade equipment and a quality projector and screen. You’ll be able to get a projector in the room with a quality fixed home theater screen. You’ll be able to acquire 100-125 Watt speakers (5 total) with solid performance, surge protection, good receiver, nice sub woofer, universal remote control with hidden components in a closet or av cabinet, hdmi cables, blu ray, and installation. You might be able to acquire a 7 speaker system into this budget depending on the nature of the room design, pre-wire locations, etc.


  • $8,500-$11,000 – now we are getting into the complete custom home theater system quality that most people talk about. This is going to get you a 1080P or 3D projector with the best picture quality and lumen count for your application. Also, likely be able to afford a Screen Innovations Screen – the best home theater screens available and designed and manufactured in Austin, TX (we have a long standing relationship with the company and offer our clients the best deals) Screen Innovations Partnership in the best video screens available , 5-7 high quality 100-150W speakers with really nice custom front tower speakers and center channel. For the 4 rear speakers you are now in the range of getting angled tweeters to hit the optimal locations in the room for the best listening experience possible. A fully integrated home theater receiver, high powered sub woofer, power conditioner & surge suppression, universal remote & infrared control of hidden components, custom wires, blu ray, and more.