Do your due diligence! Take your time, breathe easy when you choose your TEAM!


  1. At least $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance.
  2. Past customer references. Many companies will give you a list of previous customers to discuss a similar project. We can provide a list for your reference.
  3. Competent Team all the way around. You decide.
  4. Great Communicators. We try our best to be.
  5. Discuss experience in specific types of projects with your project manager. Question them. Ask away!
  6. Online reviews. 
  7. Related project photos.
  8. Others.

These are all good things to look out for.

Intro – Introduction to your Austin Home Theater Design and Installation Project

Part 1 – Pre-wired Home Theater information for your Austin area home

Part 2 – Electrical considerations for your Austin Home Theater Rooms and Whole Home Audio Video Systems

Part 3 – Austin retro fit installation for your home theatre and media room

Part 4 – How to choose our home audio visual system, what do I need?

Part 5 – What brands for my Austin Home Theater Room System Design, and how much to budget for quality?

Part 6 – How to choose the right company in Austin and Central Texas for my Home AV Project

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