Electrical needs always pop up during low voltage/home audio video tasks, so budget properly for them!

You definitely need electrical services in your home in most situations when you are installing flat screen tv’s on wall, projectors in ceiling, and other home audio video and theatre systems. Here are the most common examples and prices that you can expect to pay for having these electrical services performed.

  • Installing HDTV’s on walls or fireplaces means that in order to meet code requirements, you will need an electrical outlet behind the TV because you cannot run a power cord within your wall legally. A reasonable cost for an electrical outlet installed is $100-$125. We work with a electrician partner to meet your electrical needs.
  • Another solution that we use thanks to a new invention is an electrical outlet relocation kit that doesn’t require an electrician. We are legally allowed to install this in wall outlet relocation kit, and it saves time and money. We install it with the parts included for $85 standard.


Electrical outlet relocation kit for home theater or tv installation in Austin

Your outlet kit installed for $85 or so - beating the electricians prices and saving time on your project!

  • Where are you potentially going to need electrical plugs with your Home Audio Video project in Austin? Outdoor on your patio, if you are mounting a Television, on the ceiling above the location where you will have the projector installed, potentially in a closet or room where you choose to store you electronic components – ask us more when we come out for a free system design consultation.
  • What else electrical do I need to know and prepare for? Well you need to protect you new investment in your home theater equipment with a surge protector or power conditioner. Why? Because a lightning strike can burst your bubble or fry your entire system very quickly. So, we always recommend power conditioners (for regulating the amount of power) and/or surge protector with at least 2,000 joules of protection so that your system doesn’t FRY!

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